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Becomes First Family-Oriented Game Information Site To Integrate Full ESRB Rating Summaries

ESRB Welcomes Inclusion of Rating Icon, Content Descriptors and Full Rating Summaries on Site’s Report Cards As Among First-Of-Its-Kind For Any Editorial Or Retail Outlet

May 17, 2011 - Parents and families can now get all the videogame information they need in one place on the ‘Report Card’ pages, which now include full ESRB rating summaries in addition to video game reviews written from a family perspective.

“Rating summaries are a great source of information for parents, providing a brief but detailed explanation of content in a game that factored into its rating, including specific examples of exactly the types of elements a parent would want to know about when deciding about a game for their child,” said Eliot Mizrachi, director of communications, Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). “By including our rating summaries along with their other Report Card elements, is making an important contribution to ESRB’s mission of empowering consumers, especially parents, with the ability to make informed decisions about the computer and video games they choose for their families.”

On the Report Card page, the game’s official ESRB rating icon is now prominently displayed, along with ability to click on the “ESRB Rating Summary” link next to the icon to be able to read an inline pop-up providing additional detail straight from the ESRB about the key factors that contributed to the rating assignment, including specific examples of game content or attributes.  This additional rating summary information appears without users ever having to leave the page or open a new browser window.

Equally helpful for families is the listing of any content descriptors from the ESRB, which indicate elements in a game that may have triggered a particular rating and/or may be of interest or concern to game buyers. 

Click here to see an example of the new Report Card page:

“We are honored to be able to work closely with the ESRB to include their information on our site, providing an unprecedented amount of material in one place for families who are researching games,” said Johner Riehl, founder and editorial director,  “The ESRB ratings info and full rating summaries are a perfect complement to our easy-to-read Report Cards, which provide information about a game’s family-friendliness, recommended age ranges and gameplay style as well as an easy-to-understand letter grade.” 

In addition to the ESRB information, each Report Card on offers a top-line ‘Family Friendliness’ synopsis and a set of highlights and lowlights alongside an A, B, C, D or F letter grade.  Each game is also classified into different gameplay styles, which include Let Loose, Cooperative, Competitive, Educational and Easy-To-Play.  Each game is recommended for appropriate age groups - toddler (2-4), kid (5-8), tween (9-12) and teen (13+).

With this gameplay style and age-appropriate classification system, families can easily find recommended games for their families by using the search function and selecting the game system, age-range and playstyle that fits their family’s needs.

For more videogame information written from a family perspective, please visit  You can also follow on and

For more information about the ESRB, please visit

About strives to provide easy-to-understand information about videogames written from a family perspective.  Instead of just advising families on how to protect their kids from violent and inappropriate games, highlights games that families can play together.  The site works closely with videogame publishers and advocacy groups, and is the first editorial site to offer game reviews featuring fully integrated ESRB Ratings, Content Descriptors and Rating Summaries.  Site founder Johner Riehl is an established “Family Gaming Expert,” and his regular “The Family Perspective” column can be found on and

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