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FTC Study Show Videogame Retailers Closely Regulating M-Rated Game Sales

April 20 - A survey released today by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) showed that video game retailers were doing the best job of regulating the sale of inappropriate content to minors, in comparison to the movie and music industry.

The FTC recruited 13- to 16-year-olds, unaccompanied by a parent, to attempt to buy R-rated movie tickets, R-rated movie DVDs, unrated DVDs of movies that were R-rated when first released in theaters, music CDs carrying a Parental Advisory Label (PAL) that warns of explicit content, and video games rated “M” [by the Entertainment Software Rating Board] that may be suitable for persons age 17 and older.  Between November 2010 and January 2011, the teenagers attempted to buy these products from national and regional chain stores and theaters across the United States.

Perhaps the best news in the survey is that every industry has shown improvement since the FTC began the process in 2010.

You can read more information about the report here:

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